Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine Day

We woke up to a gorgeous blue sky on Tuesday. Hello Phoenix sun!

And who doesn't need a rockin' pair of sunny-g's on a day like that?

We were up early (as always with our little brood) and decided we still needed some Tia Rosa lunch. After a quick stop at Old Navy, we made the drive out to Mesa again and got there right when they opened (we were what you call eager beavers...) Rightly so--what a yummy lunch! I could eat those chips dipped in refried beans all day. And we sat in the sun while we ate. Delicious all around.

Then it was over to McCormick Railroad park in Scottsdale

Livs was happy to find a pine cone to hold

while Cares made up her own game of pine cone soccer. Simple pleasures.

Oh how pleased my babes were to just run and run and run!

My little railroad girl

and my boxcar children.
How cool were those books as a child? I used to daydream about finding my very own, hidden in the forest boxcar to use as a fort/playhouse whenever I wanted.

After a long swim (for Joe and the kids while Livs napped and I read) we spent the evening at the Biltmore. Or more so walking around the Biltmore on our way to Hillstone down the road (used to be Houston's but they have changed names and locations without changing the menu.) My kids were the only children in the restaurant and let me just say they behaved beautifully (might be because I warned them they had better or else...) Beans, Cares and I all shared a full slab of babyback ribs which were divine. But as Bentley aptly pointed out--Nanny's were still his favorite and I had to agree.


Bobbi said...

Sunshine and good food and well-behaved, happy children, what a lovely day! We ate at the other Tia Rosa's and it is not the same!

Heidi said...

OOOO Max would love that Railroad Park. He is a train boy all the way. I am loving Livs in these photos she totally thinks she is a big kid.

I had no idea Houston's changed their name. If Ruth Ann's ribs are better than Houstons then I need that recipe asap!

Anonymous said...

Love that park. Can't wait to take the kids to ride the carousel and the train. Always a big hit. And I am am excited to take them in the museum part as well...that will be a first.

I heart Houston's ribs. So delish. One of the things that is also amazing is the chicken in a basket. Not on the menu but they make it if you ask for it. A melt in your mouth chicken strip. Something that I would never think to order anywhere else but so worth it there.