Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Slowly Starts

We were so eager to get outside today after conference and naps and feeling bottled up inside. It was still a bit chilly, especially when the sun hid behind clouds but the kids enjoyed the fresh air and playful atmosphere. Can't wait for warmer, sunnier outdoor days!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday Afternoon in the House with Cares

Bentley had an olympic size nap yesterday while Caroline had a tiny one. This left lots of free time for the two of us to play together and for Cares to explore without a toddler blocking her way or trying to "hug" her every 10 seconds. One of her favorite places is under the kitchen table where she fits just perfectly.

We also played hair salon and I put the tiniest rubber bands in her hair to create her very first pigtails (symmetry not required for 10 month olds!) I got such a kick out of her as she puttered around looking like a big girl. At one point she climbed up on me as I lay by her on the floor and then balanced standing up several times in a row before she'd lean into me to keep from falling. She's getting pretty brave!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Next time you talk to Joe ask him about his "grazie" story. Anyway, I just want to thank you all for a fabulously, wonderful, golden birthday (28 on the 28th)! I really loved all the calls (and messages), cards, emails, blogs (and blog comments), gifts, meals and company. Birthdays are so fun and they remind me how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I have. I spent the day getting totally pampered from breakfast in bed to shopping at Nordy's and getting a makeover done for the first time in my life--different but fun to venture into the world of makeup. I finally remembered to get a picture taken at dinner last night. It's not the best but shows off my "new" face at least a little. Heid--what do you think? Thank you all again for making me feel so special!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Ben

Happy Birthday Ben! Gotta love these March birthdays--guess that means July is one hot month :)

Ben is just so fun to hang out with--he loves to be the life of the party with his quick wit, love for all things silly, and his easy laugh. I remember the first time I could tell that Heidi had really fallen for him. Cec and I were at lunch with her down in Provo and she described in detail her first few dates with Ben and how much she was looking forward to their next one (I think it was the Keith Urban concert--is that right Heid?) Anyway, she had the simplest joy about her as she spoke about him and I knew she loved him. And when Ben spoke at their wedding dinner, 7 months later, and shared his feelings for Heidi it was the most tender, sincere and devoted thing I have ever heard--I knew he loved her too.

Ben gets super excited about little things and makes little things super exciting. He is a very hard worker and I love that he follows goals he set as a small child. I love how playful and fun he is with my kids and his other nieces and nephews--he will be one fantastic daddy! Thanks for making my Heidi laugh every day and for relating so completely to my hubby's silliness. You are wonderful and I hope you have a fun day!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! I have always loved that we have birthdays so close--sorry to have burdened yours 28 years ago when you were ready to give birth any second!

I love that my mom is so smart. She rules Trivial Pursuit and crossword puzzles but also works hard to stay up to date on current events. I love that she reads all of the newspaper every day (unless she had been out of town and then has to catch up!) I love that she loves to be outdoors to garden, run, hike, golf, etc... In case you didn't know, my mom is THE TJ Maxx queen! She finds the best shoes, skirts, baby clothes, and tableware on her visits there. I also love that my mom finds simple pleasures in staying up late and sleeping in.

I love that my mom has always been proud of me and helped me succeed in all my pursuits. It means so much to me that she came to every Nutcracker audition and every dance concert I performed in--even when I was in grad school and lived in Phoenix. My Mom has always been a really great listener and during my teenage years I remember countless nights coming home around midnight and heading up to her room to tell her I was home. She always asked about my night and would let me go on and on about my friends and boys and first kisses and other high school drama. I look back on those late nights fondly and hope that my little Cares will grow up feeling that safe and that loved to share her life with me, cozied up on my bed at night. I love that my mom can find the spiritual aspect of all things and is easily moved by the spirit. Her testimony is significant to me because she searched it out and found it through the missionaries--a blessing that has molded my testimony and desire to be close to the Savior. Thank you for being in my life and making my life possible! I love you mom.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Flori

Happy Birthday Flori! As the oldest child in her family, Flori has set an amazing example. I know that Joseph has always been very proud of her and the goals she and Rob have accomplished together. When we were in the midst of planning our wedding, Joseph took me to meet tiny, newborn Eloise. I remember walking into their Orem apartment and feeling so much love and peace and happiness. It was so tender to see Maddie and how much she doted on her baby sis. And I could see the devoted love between Flo and Rob. It made me so hopeful for the future and eager to have that easy joy in my home.

Flori is one fantastic cook and always seems ready and willing to invite family, friends and neighbors to dinner. I love to hear Flori laugh--it is totally contagious (especially if she is laughing at her brother's comments and jokes!) I love Flori's tender heart and that she is still so connected to her family even though she lives far away. It's fun to see how excited the family gets when the Christensens will be in town--we all adore them so much and are so grateful for the memories we can make together. I hope your family pampers and spoils you today Flo--have a fabulous day!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Picnics

The past few weeks have been filled with perfect spring days. We have been trying to make the most of them by enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine. The kids have been loving it outside and they always take killer naps after a picnic lunch in the yard or at the park--always a good thing! Enjoy the pictures of our outdoor adventures.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Luci

Happy Birthday Luci! I think Luci is such an accomplished and capable woman/wife/mother/professor/seamstress/bargain hunter... I could go on and on. I love that she is a thoughtful, loving aunt and creates wonderful, practical and cute gifts such as Bentley's PJs, Caroline's Sunday dress, and my beaded flip-flops to name a few. I love that Luci is adventurous and up for a challenge, even if it means scouring craft and sewing stores to find just the right clip for a binkie chain :) I had a chance to read about Luci's testimony and her decision to serve a mission in a letter she wrote to Bob a few years ago. I was deeply moved by her testimony and her humility and awed that she would make such a sacrifice for the Lord when she had only been a member for a few years. Luci is a loving mom who has made her home a happy place for little Tiago and also for Evelyn and Elijah. She is such a positive and supportive force in their lives and I can see how it blesses them and has changed them for the better. At her baptism last year, Evelyn wore a new dress and matching jewelry all made by Luci. I could tell how proud that made Evie and how special it made her feel. It's wonderful to have you in the family Luci--Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the Christensen family blog (maybe some of you thought I'd say baby but that's not really my news to share--oh, and Flori isn't due until May). Anyway, I am proud of Rob for giving in and sharing pictures and news of his incredibly cute family. Hopefully we will get to see and hear a lot about the imminently arriving new baby via blog--yay! I can't wait to read more and check-up on you guys.

Bentley and "the girls" December 2006

Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Season

I wanted to post this adorable picture of Ethan from his birthday dinner the other night. He is honestly so handsome! Ethan's birthday marks the beginning of crazy, birthday season on the Smith side (phase 2 of crazy birthday season if I include all the LeBaron birthdays in February and March!) I love it all. It is so fun to gather and celebrate someone you love and it's especially fun to see my nieces and nephews (and my own kids!) opening gifts and getting so excited about cake and blowing out candles. Makes me feel young and giddy :)

On another note, Bentley has been flying his white die cast airplane around my head as I have been typing and he keeps asking me to talk to his "China Airplane." It's cool that he is playing with the free toy plane I got from China Northwest Airlines on our trip there about 7 years ago! Anyway, I asked the airplane where it was flying and he said "to see Santa." So I asked where Santa lived and he said "the North Hole." Then I asked the airplane if Bentley wanted to go on a trip and he said "yeah, Bentley should go on a trip to Target." Too classic--he was cracking me up. Oh my little aspiring world traveler who finds all that he needs at Target--wonder if we go there too often?!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Johnny

It is John's birthday today and I am realizing that when he seems to be getting older and quickly approaching 30, it just means that I am too--yikes! Oh boy--where I do I begin with Johnny Cakes LeBaron? My earliest memories of John surround my senior year of high school: seeing him as Judah in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat just before school began, meeting him at church when we were both new kids in the ward, taking all my friends to see him in Guys and Dolls that winter, and then chatting with him after the Highland Dance concert in the spring. We ran into each other here and there at BYU but I really got to know John when I started dating Joseph. This may seem odd since John was far away serving a mission in Brazil but as I got to know Joseph, I learned about John through his brother's eyes. I began to love the things that Joseph loved about him: his creativity, his great sense of humor, his desire to always be better, his spirituality and his loyalty to family.

John has been through one of the hardest trials I can imagine and yet his testimony runs pure and deep. I am grateful when I catch a glimpse of it through emails to missionaries, blessings for family members and so on. I absolutely adore and admire his wife Krista and think they are so amazing together--they teach me a lot. Johnny is a good daddy and seems to know Sisi's schedule inside and out. I love that John takes care of my hubby and understands him in a way that only brothers can. When Joseph and I lived away from the family in Phoenix, John visited us more than any other LeBaron and ended up staying several times at all our homes (the apartment, mansion, and townhouse to be exact). I love those memories--you'll always be a welcome house guest Johnny ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Puzzle Mania

Grandma Bobbi, in her infinite grandma wisdom, brought Bentley his very own gift to open at Ethan and Will's birthday dinner the other night. He unwrapped the paper to find a large floor puzzle with pictures of all things having to do with transportation. Bentley is a little puzzle guru these days so needless to say he was super excited to try his "big huge" puzzle. It is a hit at our house and Bentley has put it together at least a dozen times. Just wanted to say thanks mom--he loves it!