Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Ethan

Will, Bentley and Ethan--December 2006
I wanted to post a special entry for Ethan since 1) this year he is 8 and that is quite a special birthday, and 2) he can read this entry--are you reading Eth? I love Ethan because he is such a good example to my little Bentley of a kind and gentle big brother. Ethan is a Hot Wheels genius, an amazing reader, a master Lego builder and a budding artist. He is goofy and energetic and way fun to hang out with. I love his rosy cheeks, long legs, soft hair, and bright blue eyes. Ethan was my very first nephew (very first grandchild in my family in fact) and I remember holding him for the first time when he was about one month old. I think I gave a little piece of my heart to him right then and there. I am so proud of the great kid he has become and that he will be baptized this Saturday. I can't wait to share in that special day with him and all the other special days in his life that will follow because of righteous choices. Have a great birthday Ethan!!

Birthday Girls

Tonight we celebrated the first birthdays of my nieces Sisi and Tille. Happy birthday cute baby girls! We partied hard luau style eating Hawaiian haystacks and competing in a hula-hoop competition. Turns out Jessica and Luci can rock a hula-hoop pretty hard but Johnny and Bob fought it out in the end. I forgot how much energy that takes! It was super silly and totally fun to watch--classic LeBaron activity. It's still so fun to look at pics and see Bob's face back with the family :) Thanks for the party Mary, Krista and Ruth Ann.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Welcome Home

Elder Robert Paul LeBaron (aka Elder LeBaron V) returned home from his mission in Toronto Canada this evening! It was so fun to see him and help introduce him to his 4 new nieces and 1 nephew who were born while he was gone (when he left 2 years ago Bentley was the only baby in the family!) We have been anticipating Bob's return for over a month now since he extended and ended up staying a few more weeks in the mission. He is a good boy and I am so proud of him. He has always been a remarkable person--even as a kid--and talented in so many ways. I have known Bob since he was about 10 years old and it's crazy to see him now as the spiritual, mature and of course funny man that he is. I will miss Bob's weekly emails and the testimony he so regularly shared in them. I always felt uplifted and happy and proud of him as my brother-in-law after reading of his activities and especially of his love for the Gospel. Hopefully he will adjust to regular life easily and enjoy all the family time that we have planned (I have a feeling that he will slide into LeBaron silliness quite easily but maybe it's just a hunch). Welcome home Bob!! We love you.

With Bab
y Bentley in January 2005 the night before he left on his mission

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Caroline Crawls

Yes, my baby girl has figured out how to crawl. It is still a slow and sometimes wobbly experience but she can sure make her way around the room and over to Bentley's head while I change him so she can play with his hair! It is pretty cute watching her try to get to him (or more importantly his blankie which she loves to cuddle) It's fascinating to realize which things she is truly interested in playing with as she crawls/slithers around to find such things as shoes, crumbs, and glossy magazines. Her newest trick is to raise her hands high in the air when we say "so big." She is fun to show off at family gatherings and outings with friends!

Bentley is as silly as ever and it appears that as Cares is growing and developing, he is anxious to revert back into baby ways and play in the saucer which he is way too huge for. He can even climb into and out of it now which is quite an accomplishment. I actually think he may just have a special affinity for baby saucers since he coveted Tiago's so much last year! Kids are fun.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I heart Joseph. I'm going to make a T-shirt that says that on it someday :) He is so good for me and too good to me. This morning he gave me a Valentine's mix CD with all the new songs we've been diggin' the past few weeks. I love it! And now all those songs will remind me of this year's Valentine's Day. The last time he did this for me was the week before we got engaged and I was leaving on a road trip with my family to California. The CD he sent me with had a small booklet in the front which described a memory of ours or something he loved about me for each song. I sat in the car with my headphones on and my music cranked up and reveled in every word he had written about us. It definitely made me realize that I wanted to marry him. I knew he would make me happy with his kindness and selflessness, his strong testimony, his romantic gestures, and his lovely, lovely smile that extends all over his face and into his eyes. I was right. He is my forever valentine and I love him a hundred times more now than I did back in 1999, listening to our music and imagining our future and daydreaming about that perfect smile.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Away

We spent the weekend in St George at my parents' lovely vacation house. It was overcast on Friday and most of Saturday but it was still 65 degrees outside and it felt wonderful! Mary, Seth and Tillie joined us for our little get away where we relaxed by swimming (and then napping) with the kids, playing on the playground, shopping for bargains at TJ Maxx, watching Cars with Bentley, and letting the boys win at games :) Thanks for hanging out with us Mary and Seth--and thanks for letting us use the house mom and dad! It was a wonderful break from the thick air and cold conditions up here in Salt Lake.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Tommy

Seems like a lot of people in my family have birthdays this month! Today I'll celebrate Thomas Neil. I love that Tommy always makes an effort to see the family which means he usually attends 2 family dinners each Sunday (oh poor guy!) He is a sweet uncle and my kids love him so much. I love that he checks up on Ruth Ann and Neil several days a week and goes to lunch with my hubby at least once a week. He is a loyal friend and brother and has influenced Joseph to buy yummy smelling colognes. I remember when Joseph and I shared a condo with Tommy when we went to Mexico in 2005. When Bentley was awake at 5:00 am Tommy would come upstairs and watch Baby Einsteins and play with Beans. I like to think it was because he was excited to see Bentley for the day and not that we woke him up so early :) I love that Tommy speaks German and that I can understand his silly German comments here and there. He is a great man and I love that he snagged such a great wife!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is the birthday of my one and only dad. I am the luckiest girl to have him in my life! I love him because he has always made me feel safe. He gives wonderfully comfy daddy hugs and he offers help and support every time I see him even if it's just to carry one of my kids out to the car when I leave. He is protective and fiercely loyal especially concerning his family (just ask Joseph!) I love that my dad is very strong and has the endurance of a horse. I love that he taught me how to throw a spiral football, to ski on any and every terrain, to take good care of cars, and to study hard in school. I think my dad is one of the most intelligent people I know and he is the most amazing doctor. I love that my dad is sincere and honest and that he loves the Savior. His testimony is deep and solid and his trials only plant him more firmly in the Lord's hands. I love his smile and the way he used to invite his girls to kiss his freshly shaved cheeks. He was the first man I wanted to marry :) I love how he tenderly holds my babies and melts with love and awe at their beauty and miraculous arrival here on earth. I love how he is still excited to see my mom every time he comes home and finds her there. He is my father and he will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you daddy!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann with Sisi and Tiago Dec. 2006
Today is my mother in law's birthday. And she just took me out to lunch! That's not how it's supposed to work Ruthie but thank you for the delicious meal and the excuse to see you today. I think I want to follow Heidi's lead this year and post an entry for each of my loved ones on their birthdays. Ruth Ann's happens to be the first of 2007 which is perfect since she started the tradition of sharing what we love about the birthday girl or boy.

Ruth Ann is naturally creative and can make delicious meals, adorable PJs, baby burp rags, and a hundred other things without even batting an eyelash. She is a loving grandma who spoils all her grandbabies with attention and special Nanny gifts. They even fight over who gets to be held next and she is always going out of her way to see them and play with them (AND let their moms and dads have date nights out!) She has passed on her incredible ability to fall easily into a deep sleep to both my husband and my son (which I am eternally grateful for!) Ruth Ann is very easy to talk to, a good listener and a true friend. She is an amazing mother and raised a big family full of silly sons (who are also quite wonderful) and happy daughters who all love, admire and respect their mom. I really admire Ruth Ann's testimony and her knowledge of the scriptures and gospel doctrine. She must really understand the words and life of Christ because she shows it in the way she embraces everyone around her with her love and friendship and always tries to find ways to serve others. I love that I am part of her family and that she asked me out for Joseph and then told him afterwords that she had a date lined up for him! Ruth Ann holds the bar high and sets an amazing example for me. I love her!! And my children adore her :)