Thursday, March 31, 2011

Desert Botanical Gardens

At the entrance, a few leftover pieces from the Dale Chihuly exhibit

Bentley mapped out our visit and showed us where to go

From the butterfly exhibit.
Cares had a few butterflies land on her visor and shoulder--she must smell very sweet :)

testing out how butterflies see the world

the bright yellow trees behind us were some of my favorites that day--I am in love with that color

tiny Livs, her big daddy and huge saquaros

Bentley learning about all 4 deserts in North America which all overlap into Arizona. My kid was loving that kind of information.

voila--a double stroller!

A pic Joseph took of me with his phone
(I do spend a good deal of time behind that camera :)


Bobbi said...

Cute Beans loving all the facts (a trait from Grandpa Sherm?), little Livs of the swirly curly hair, and tan Carrie! Caroline must have loved the butterflies landing on her. Looks like fun--good pictures, I can feel the sunshine.

Heidi said...

That all looks so fresh and warm and springy! Love the desert in the spring.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how colorful the desert can be when it is in bloom. Just stunning. This is on our list of activities for sure.

Krista said...

Oh how fun to look back on your adventure in the dessert. I have fond memories at that garden too. :) I loved the butterflies. Looks like such a great trip and I'm super impressed that you had 9 long days to enjoy being together. I do believe it is a must to have a spring break somewhere warm.