Wednesday, March 9, 2011


After being a little too crazy and tripping over herself at the craft store last night, Cares looked like this:

I was so scared we would need to take her straight to the ER for stitches in her cheek, which would actually be an amazing first for her (she somewhat lacks in the "body awareness" department and trips, falls, and runs into things a lot...I am surprised she hasn't needed them yet.)

But after sending this pic to my dad and getting his advice we opted for a home remedy: clean it and steri strip it. This plan made Cares (and me) feel much more content--the idea of stitches gave her so much stress and many tears. And lydocaine spray is the coolest thing ever--Cares hardly felt us rubbing alcohol on her wound to clean it out.

sleeping soundly with a patched up face

Oh my sweet Caroline, glad you are safe and (mostly) sound. And you will never be crazy at the store again, right?


khepworth said...

Ouch! Looks like it hurts. Hope it heals well.

So I was reading through your blog, and I saw that you were furiously trying to get your blurb books done before they expired. Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about my vouchers until I read your blog (tonight). I am soooooo sad. I bought 3 vouchers, and thought they didn't expire until April for some reason. I am bummin' big time. :(

Heidi said...

Wait that is really a picture of you sleeping at the bottom right? CRAZY!

Glad it is not too serious. How that girl has avoided the ER this far amazes me

Anonymous said...

I love how unaware she is of her body. So glad it wasn't ER worthy and that she is healing ok.

Bobbi said...

I am glad Dad was able to give doctorly advice even from so far away. She looks like she will be fine. I agree, though, it's a surprise that she hasn't been to the ER yet with her energy and carefree movement. And she does look like a certain darling little girl of mine!