Monday, March 7, 2011

Reunion Weekend

Does anyone remember this guy (bottom of the pyramid on the left?)

Or this one?

Gotta love my very young hubby during his "glory days" at BYU singing with Vocal Point. This weekend the group as a whole celebrated their 20th anniversary and Joseph was down in Provo all day Friday and Saturday rehearsing, socializing, eating, performing and reminiscing with old buddies (you can read about all they had planned here.) It was quite a weekend, including a flash mob spur of the moment performance at the Provo Towne Center which you can watch here (Joseph is in an easy to spot green golf shirt and appears about half way through.)

I made it down for the awards dinner on Friday night and then the alumni concert on Saturday afternoon. I brought the kids thinking they'd really like it and especially want to see Joseph sing--but they were not feeling it and just wanted to race around the Covey Center lobby playing tag. They made it tricky to enjoy all the old favorites I loved hearing again (we really got into their music once Joseph was a member of the group.)

On Friday I was super excited to catch up with our friends Matt & Lizzie Stevens so they were a highlight of the night for me. It also surprised me how fun it was to see so many VP members who sang with my hubby. I was married to Joseph during both of his years with the group. We hung out with them a lot--almost every weekend during the school year actually, I choreographed for them a little and had them sing live for a piece I choreographed while dancing at BYU (the song was Be Still My Soul and I still love their arrangement.) It was a great time of our lives all those years ago--so incredibly busy and stressful but at the same time pretty amazing. I'm so glad we had such great friends to share it with back then and that we could reconnect this weekend.

(weird eyebrow from me--not sure what I was doing...)

with old friends Mary and Jeff Gabbitas

I'm hoping to post a video of the whole alumni singing Nearer My God to Thee. It was gorgeous hearing it sung live on Saturday and made wrestling my kids through nearly 2 hours of the concert mostly worth it. I know my hubby loved having us there to support him so that was really all that mattered. And we ate yummy Los Hermanos for dinner so that was a fun part of the day too :)


Maggie said...

So fun. Brings back happy memories. Hey, I just realized that sewer is spelled the same as sewer (like where things go when you flush). ha ha. I knew what you meant from the beginning though:)

Thanks for sharing the flash mob too. Gunner was enchanted.

Heidi said...

Yay I loved Joe's Vocal Point days too! I better go check out the flash mob link, speaking of which have you seen the Modern Family flash mob dance episode? I think it is this season. Are you guys liking that show BTW, didn't you get season one?

Krista said...

Fun! I'm jealous you got to hang with matt and Lizzie to.

Anonymous said...

Fun weekend with friends and Vocal point! It was always great to hear Joe sing with them.

I will have to show the flash mob to my kiddos!

Bobbi said...

Sorry we missed Joe singing, those V P days were even fun for us as future and new in-laws. The iPad won't let us watch video, so we will watch that when we get home. Joseph looks so young there!