Monday, June 30, 2008

June Playdate

How is it already the last day of June? This summer is flying right by.

Last week, cousins Sisi and Kai (with their mama of course) came over to our house for a picnic lunch and some water fun outside. Here are my only good pics--it gets pretty tricky photographing such busy kids... Thanks for coming over to play Krista!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

In My Opinion

Sometimes I think that people really want to hear what I have to say. OK, I retract that and in place of it say that usually I think that people really want to hear what I have to say. Thanks goodness for blogging and getting it out of my system right? Anyway, I would just LOVE to be a judge on SYTYCD. Wouldn't that be so fulfilling to share your opinion on all those dances and dancers with the whole world (or, just the several million people who watch?) Maybe it's just me but I feel like I have so much to say about every piece! And I would never, ever use the word "routine" because it is for gymnasts and cheerleaders solely and certainly NOT for real dancing. Sheesh--why doesn't Nigel know that already?! I squirm every time they use it. I can be such an elitist!

Well, I could go on and on, but for now I want to say that last night's show was really good. It started out very strong, then the middle kind of bored me...for a while, and then the ending was like the perfect 4th of July fireworks show (see, I already have my kitschy "judge-like" comparisons all figured out :) Honestly, those last 2 pieces of the show were stellar. I loved them both and had to watch them over and over before I felt like I'd had my fill. I am rooting for Chelsea and Mark because Chelsea is really the only girl I love to watch. And she and Mark are just on fire when they dance together--they really have such solid commitment to their movement as well as a passionate connection to each other. And then there are my fave boys: Twitch, Will and Joshua. There is something so sexy about a man who is strong and tough and an awesome hip-hop dancer but also a graceful, toned down and sincere mover in modern or ballroom choreography. I'm loving both sides to those boys in ALL that they have done so far. So yeah--these are my opinions. I feel much better after sharing them here with the world (or my 5 blog readers...)

and remember this one from the first episode? I heart Mia Michaels. I wish I could choreograph the way she does--my body simply yearns to move in the way these dancers do. I am feeling a serious urge to take a technique class...

Last of all, my predictions: I think that Thayne and Chelsea, Chris and Comfort, and Kortney and Matt will be in the bottom 3 (well, that's who I'd like to see in the bottom 3). I think Kortney and Matt will go home since they'd probably like to keep Comfort around since she is the only hip-hop girl on the show and the judges love Chelsea and want to give her one more shot. We'll see right?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today I Love...

1) Dial's Yogurt Aloe Vera hand soap. We tried some at Cec's yesterday and loved the smell. Now we have our own!

2) Any and all sundresses on Caroline. She is such a busy little player and often outside so I like to pair them with leggings just to save her knees some grief. I wish I were 2 so I could wear her colorful, loose and sleeveless dresses too!

3) The fact that I have 2 1/2 months off of teaching. I feel like such a wimp when I only work one afternoon a week but I am happy to have the freedom and not worry about arranging a weekly babysitter for a while.

4)My new Shade swimsuit (in orchid).

5) Jason on The Bachelorette. I'm not sure if he's the best fit with Deanna and frankly, they probably won't end up together since Deanna is kind of, how can I say this, um, not my favorite girl to watch on TV. Anyway, after last night's episode, when Jason was hanging out with his small son, he melted my heart. Cute. I heart dads in general.

6) The song Lollipop by Mika. I would post the video but it is totally whacked out and random so I'll just add the link here. Take a quick listen if you don't already know it (it has been out for over a year). My kids beg me to play it on repeat as we drive around town because we all love the upbeat vibe and silly lyrics that are easy to sing along to, "say love, say love..."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Too Long

How do I let it happen--the time lapse between getting together with old friends? I hate that I almost always think about calling someone I miss at some crazy hour of the day (and always a very late, late hour). I tell myself to just remember to do it in the morning but when a day new arrives, the thought completely alludes me and it is another week or two or even a month before the idea hits me again--and at midnight or later, of course. My brain is not what it once was--of that I am certain (like Krista has mentioned, this whole motherhood thing has frazzled me some :)

Well, I finally had an impulse to call an old friend as I drove Joe's car home from Cafe Rio last Friday and so I did--right then and there. And--we got together the next day! Hurray--we had arranged and canceled plans a few times already this year. And so, last weekend, we enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends Tony and Dorothy and their beautiful children.

Joseph and I met Dorothy during our first year living in Phoenix when she started taking the missionary discussions. She had met a darling boy a few years earlier and soon after, he left on a mission. Dorothy decided to learn more about the church for herself and Joseph and I got to spend a lot of time with her, before and after her baptism. The first time I met Dorothy I knew I would like her. She was so easy to get along with, very friendly and had the most gorgeous smile. I loved being a part of her conversion and sharing my testimony with her whenever she had questions. Anyway, after her baptism, Dorothy introduced us to her newly returned missionary, Tony. And the rest is history.

Here are some old pics from our Phoenix days:
Phoenix, 2002, when Dorothy first introduced us to Tony
(he was living in Utah and had come to visit)
Later that year at Temple Square while we were all in town

And at our house last weekend:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot Days

On Monday, we played with Mary and Krista at the Cottonwood Heights pool. On Tuesday, we played with Cec and Cath at the Lifetime pool. Today I figured that we could just hang out inside and take a break from the sun. But after running to the grocery store with the kids I just had to get them outside and enjoying the gorgeous summer weather. We filled up the wading pool and they had a ball. And now they are both napping soundly--ahhhh, I love wearing those babes out :)
Picnic on the patio
Sol Rosenberg as a child, "all of my shoes and all of my glasses" (sorry, random inside joke...)
Peek-a-boo Caresie!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I have loved these suggestions from President Benson for a few years now and thought I'd include them in my blog. As a wife and mother, I hope I can always help pave the way for these things to happen regularly in my family.

From President Benson:

With love in my heart for the fathers in Israel, may I suggest ten specific ways that fathers can give spiritual leadership to their children:

1. Give father's blessings to your children. Baptize and confirm your children. Ordain your sons to the priesthood. These will become spiritual highlights in the lives of your children.

2. Personally direct family prayers, daily scripture reading, and weekly family home evenings. Your personal involvement will show your children how important these activities really are.

3. Whenever possible, attend Church meetings together as a family. Family worship under your leadership is vital to your children's spiritual welfare.

4. Go on daddy-daughter dates and fathers and sons outings with your children. As a family, go on campouts and picnics, to ball games and recitals, and to school programs. Having Dad there makes all the difference.

5. Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children.

6. Have regular one-on-one visits with your children. Let them talk about what they would like to. Teach them gospel principles. Teach them true values. Tell them you love them. Personal time with your children tells them where Dad puts his priorities.

7. Teach your children to work and show them the value of working toward a worthy goal. Establishing mission funds and education funds for your children shows them what Dad considers important.

8. Encourage good music and art and literature in your homes. Homes that have a spirit of refinement and beauty will bless the lives of children forever.

9. As distances allow, regularly attend the temple with your wife. Your children will then better understand the importance of temple marriage and temple vows and the eternal family unit.

10. Have your children see your joy and satisfaction in service to the Church. This can become contagious to them, so they too will want to serve in the Church and love the kingdom.

Oh, husbands and fathers in Israel, you can do so much for the salvation and exaltation of your families. Your responsibilities are so important. Remember your sacred calling as a father in Israel-your most important calling in time and eternity-a calling from which you are never released.

May you always provide for the material needs of your family and with your eternal companion at your side, may you fulfill your sacred responsibility to provide the spiritual leadership in your home. (Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p.511-512, CR October 1987, Ensign 17 [November 1987]: 50.)

Thanks to my own dad for teaching me these things in the most important way--by example. And thank you Joseph for implementing so many of these things already, even as our family is quite new and very young. Our children are so, so lucky to have you as their "daddy-o." I wonder if they will ever really comprehend it but I want you to know that I do--and I love you a hundred times more for it. You are an amazing dad. Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Boating

On Thursday evening we had dinner at my parent's house and then hit the lake--not an unusual thing in June right? Well, the only unusual thing about it was that it was COLD! And I'm not even talking about the water temp (a nice balmy 50 degrees) but the crisp canyon air--freezing! The evening itself was gorgeous and the lake perfectly deserted since everyone else seemed to have some sanity about boating on such a cold day.
We actually had a great time up there--my kids are in love with their life jackets so they were thrilled with an excuse to wear them (that seems a little unnatural right? I hated wearing a life jacket as a kid...) And Bentley really loved how fast Grandpa Sherm's boat went--even as the air froze our little noses while speeding along :) Of course Marsh was a trooper and braved the cold water for some PT (aka physical training--see, my Marine lingo is developing quite rapidly...) in the form of water-skiing. I am itching to go myself but not that bad...I prefer to wait for perfect circumstances because I am a very spoiled skier (blame it on Lake Powell which has made me too picky for hot air, warm water, and perfect glass). Getting out on the boat reminded me how much I love, love, love summer. I'm glad it is finally here!
Seriously, this little girl is one darling babe and such a tiny dancer! I love her.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I heart Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth. Okay, I know, it is such a cliche. But, I do love it there. This was the very first time I had been there as a mommy and let me just say that I had a ball! It was so much fun to see the looks of awe and wonder on my children's faces, especially Bentley's. Each attraction and each section of the park is just so cool and so well made--long rides, exquisite details, tons of character and just so happy and bright. When we first walked in, the band was playing on Main Street and when Bentley and Cares saw Mickey Mouse dancing alongside them and then leading the music, they got so excited and simply couldn't believe that Mickey was just right there in front of them! And hanging out with Marshall again after so many months away was really great too. I loved looking over at him as we waited in line or figured out plans and seeing him standing with his perfectly tall posture and at times, resting in his classic Marine stance--legs shoulder width apart and hands clasped behind his back, still as a statue. And other times he'd be so full of energy and smiling and laughing with my kids--so fun to see both sides of him and just enjoy his company.
We also had a wonderful time with Tom, Megan and Breck LeBaron who actually got us into the park in the first place. Our kids totally entertained each other as we waited in line and it was fun to visit with them one on one. Thank you again and again Tom and Megan--you really were so patient with our chaotic plans that day!Anyway, we had an amazing day at the park and after 9 hours and 1 very naughty Caroline tantrum (inspired by her innate desire to tear open and play with everything she saw at the Disney Princess store--can't blame her right?!) we were finally ready to leave. The park was super busy that day but we did manage to take the kids on Pirates of the Caribbean (which Cares was very quiet on but very unsure about the entire time), The Jungle Cruise, Autopia, Dumbo and the Sleeping Beauty Carousel. Joseph and I also used our fast passes to ride Indiana Jones while my parents played with the kids, and another time we took advantage of Tye and Stacey's aunt and uncle skills and left them with Cares as we rode Splash Mountain with Bentley. I have to admit that was my favorite part of the day. My family had a "log" all to ourselves and so Marshall and Joe sat in the front with little Bentley right in the middle, in front of me, and then grandma and grandpa in the back. Anytime we got a little splash Bentley laughed with so much delight. And when we plummeted down the big hill at the end and got soaked on our right sides, Bentley was just so amused and very excited. That kid of mine is pretty brave--he wasn't even fazed by the steep drop! At the end of the day Joseph and Bentley rode Big Thunder together while Cares and I rested and snacked on popcorn in the shade. My little boy ended up thinking that was the coolest ride ever and told me all about how very fast it went and how his little bum kept lifting up off the seat whenever they went down a hill--so cute!!
outside Pirates of the Caribbean
3 kids enjoying their lollipops!

Pooh's honey pots right by Splash Mountain
Turns out to be a great spot for entertaining a toddler while her parents are on a ride. Oh, and some teenage girls saw Cares playing with Tye and Stacey there and just fell in love with her and took their picture with her--we heard that Cares struck quite the coy pose for them...but of course!

So, after all of that, we are planning on heading back in about 2 years--who's in?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mission Beach

In the late afternoon, the day of Marshall's graduation, Stacey, Joe, the kids and I walked down to the beach to play in the ocean. I think we felt a little homesick for it after our visit to Hawaii a few months ago. Bentley and Cares just jumped right in--they were quite eager to feel the cool water on their toes.
The babes were too cute playing with this huge seaweed rope--they lugged it all the way out of the water and then pulled it right back in.

Outside our dinner spot in Old Town

Monday, June 9, 2008

Brand New Marine

Here he is America--one of our nation's newest Marines after graduating from 13 weeks of boot camp. Isn't he handsome?
Marshall's Platoon

It was quite an event for me to attend Marshall's graduation this past weekend. I sat there in the stands and looked out on the 370 men graduating that week and my heart was filled with so much gratitude. There they were, looking strong and tailored and disciplined to a 'T', all prepared to give their lives for our country--for me. I took it quite personally. And knowing that my own little brother was out there among them gave me so much pride. I am in awe of those Marines I saw last Friday and will forever be changed by knowing what all young soldiers go through in order to gain that title. It was an honor for me to be in their midst and even more amazing to head out with the crowd at the end of the ceremony and put my arms around one of them in a tight, loving hug. My Bentley sure loved that moment too...and hardly let Marsh out of his site for the rest of the weekend :) Congratulations Marshall, and thank you for letting me be part of something so powerful. You are a fine Marine little brother, and a fine man.

Can you see Marshall? Back row, third from the left, sporting the glasses :)
at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot just before the graduation ceremony began
MCRD San Diego, CA, June 6, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Cry Baby Cry" Movies

Just a few weeks ago, while Joseph and Bentley were away at the Fathers and Sons outing, I watched a darling movie, PS I Love You. So, I don't know if I was just lonely that night or the story really got to me or what, but I cried through most of the movie. I have to admit that it felt good--I always love a good cry when it has nothing to do with real life :) It got me thinking about all of my favorite "cry movies." I then did the logical, or obsessive, thing and made a list. Here are my top 10:

10. A River Runs Through It 1992
9. Braveheart 1995
8. My Life 1993
7. Beaches 1988
6. La Vita Bella 1997
5. My Girl 1991
4. Steel Magnolias 1989
3. Shadowlands 1993
2. Last of the Mohicans 1992
1. What Dreams May Come 1998

Two that almost made the list:
In America
Shawshank Redemption

Did I miss any? I think it's kind of silly that when I look over this list I get seriously antsy to see these movies, especially my number 1 pick. Am I just a sucker for sad movies? I think this list includes several of my plain old all time favorite movies too...