Friday, September 28, 2007

To Go Or Not To Go

Joseph and I have had a weekend away planned for about 6 weeks. It is our anniversary on Monday and we have been so eager to have some couple time together the next few days. But last night, around 8:00 pm, miss Caroline started throwing up and didn't finish her last bout until 4:00 this morning. She is finally keeping some juice down and soundly sleeping but I don't know what to do. I hate to leave her if she continues feeling so sick but at the same time, I really need some time away--especially after Bentley's sickness and restless nights earlier in the week. I feel like such a bad mommy for still wanting to go! Granted, we are only planning on heading up to Park City so we will be very close if we are needed. And I have the most capable of mothering hands lined up for babysitting--Nanny Friday and Grandma Bobbi Saturday. I don't know what to do just yet. Maybe I'll have to wait and see how my baby girl is when she wakes from her rest. I hate that I am torn about it and not ready to just give up our plans...

Now, enough of my ranting. Instead I will share these pictures that Bentley, Joseph and I have been getting a kick out of the last few days.
Bentley at 5 months and Caroline at 5 months (first Halloweens):

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Odds and Ends

It's been too long since I last posted and I am getting tired of my shoddy camera-phone pictures from the BYU game last week :) We haven't really done much the past few days except run a bunch of errands, rearrange the house a bit and set up fall decorations, and watch some great season premiers (The Bachelor kills me--I always feel so awkward for all the girls meeting him for the first time and desperately trying to be noticed! It's fun TV though :)

Oh, and Bentley threw up all afternoon and evening yesterday and then had a totally restless night, waking several times and coming in and out of my bed, and then deciding to start his day off today at 5:30 am. I was hoping he'd have a 6 hour nap like Sisi had the other day but he only managed 2 hours (even though he needs 6 hours...I need 6 hours!) Today we are just lazy and calm and I managed to find a sub for my dance classes tonight so I don't have to leave my listless little boy. Good thing Cares is thriving and wild and into trouble as always. I have a feeling she will get sick soon enough though because I have no idea how to prevent it--anyone know?

Random picture: Cares exactly one year ago--my baby is growing up too fast!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cougar Football

Perfect fall day, great company, a stadium filled with fans, Cougars playing some seriously good football on the field--gotta love BYU games.

A little rain?--no problem. Good thing Sherm is always so prepared and willing to share his gear :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner Anyone?

My mom is right--we need a good name for what we did last night! Essentially, we met at my mom's house in her fabulous and huge kitchen to learn about freezing meals and then we prepared and assembled some to take home. Sounds kind of like a homemaking meeting but it was so much better! First of all, the company was ideal--women and friends that are all basically my family (the Horsleys really feel like my 2nd set of in-laws!) Secondly, the food we made was so delicious--well, the dishes I sampled while cooking anyway :) And lastly, we hung out together for over 3 hours working hard but visiting and laughing and learning the whole time. We are all eager to make this a regular event every month or 6 weeks or so. Thanks to Ruth Ann and Mary for all their prep work and to everyone for hanging out and making great dinners that I am excited and eager to try (with little effort the night of!).

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Last night, when I walked in the door after teaching, I found a delicious dinner waiting for me. My cute husband had fed the kids, cleaned up their dishes, and set out a meal of my very favorite things: grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, pasta and mozzarella with a basalmic vinegar dressing (in case you can't tell from the picture :) It made my day, especially because 1) I know how much work it takes to make dinner while wrangling the kids, and 2) Joseph had to head out the door for church meetings the minute I walked in and I knew it was his way of showing me he loved me even though he'd be gone most of the night. I love that guy.

The picture only shows half of a plate full--I ate too much before thinking about grabbing a photo :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cecret Lake

On Saturday morning we ventured out and over to Little Cottonwood Canyon to hike up to Cecret Lake. It was cold up there!! I realize that 60 degrees feels a lot different in September than in the early Spring but we all felt much better once we had our sweatshirts on and got moving along the trail. After the first 10 minutes of Bentley whining and complaining and then conceding to take millions of baby steps and merely shuffle along, I thought we would never make it all the way to the lake. But, we did and it was so beautiful. I haven't hiked up there since high school days with all my girlfriends. And it was a lot harder carrying a small toddler on my back :) FYI--that toddler fought being carried at all on the way back and it was pretty fun to see her trudge on ahead and take on the uneven terrain all by herself. She occasionally said "hand" so she could hold on and regain her balance but once she felt confident again, she shooed me away and marched on. Bentley ended up asking to be carried in the backpack on the way down and he enjoyed the comfy ride immensely--who wouldn't?

Bentley the modern dancer??

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sundance BBQ

Last night, we made a last minute decision and headed up Provo Canyon for dinner with some LeBaron siblings. It was a glorious drive in the canyon with the fall leaves beginning to display themselves proudly. In another week or so they will reach their peak but even now they are still breathtaking--love it. Wonder how many fall posts I will end up with this year? I simply can't get enough (my mother taught me well ;)

We had BBQed turkey--bacon wraps (thank you Tommy!), fresh fruit and corn, and some gluttonous banana splits for dessert--yummy all around. We headed home around 8:45 and the kids totally gave in and fell sound asleep in the car--they are always so sweet and peaceful when they do that!

Bear Paws

Why are these little slippers so funny looking on my kids? I'm not sure, but whenever they wear them around I get such a huge kick out of it. Oh, and please disregard the "no pants" moment. I promise we were just moments away from bedtime...:)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Seth

Happy Birthday Seth!! Oh man--seems like yesterday when Mary introduced us to her Oregan boy. For a brief second she had me convinced that his middle name was "aniel" as in Sethaniel Braun. Good times! We have all loved having Seth around from the very beginning when he was thrown into the wide world of silly LeBarons in the summer of 2004.

I love how unassuming Seth is and how gullible he is too. I think we take advantage of his trusting nature too easily but he is learning how to get us back and it's been fun! Seth is one committed father and daddy--even to the point of giving in and taking over "diaper duty" when he had sworn it off entirely. I think he met his sweet little Tillie and realized he could never refuse her anything. Seth is very kind and seems to have a calming force around him. Maybe it's because he knows how to fix anything and everything :)

I love that Seth is very spiritual and that he has great faith. I remember asking him what the first thing was that attracted him to Mary and he quickly replied "her testimony." I have always thought that was such a tender answer and also so mature and meaningful. I love how he and Mary work as a team and constantly support and help each other. I also love that they aren't afraid to show their affection for each other and it reminds me to do so more in my own marriage.

Seth is an amazing person and my hubby, my children and I all love spending time with him. He is such a genuine and loyal person and we are lucky to have him in our family. Have a fabulous day Seth--I know Joseph is pleased to have you joining him in the 3-0 club!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lagoon Part 2

Had to post the rest of my pictures--we had such a great day!!

Lagoon Baby

Oh yes--we spent the day at Lagoon on Saturday. We arrived bright and early, at 10:15 am, and hit all the kiddie rides right away. The air felt perfectly cool all morning and until about 12:30 pm, we avoided waiting in any long lines. We had so much fun and I had no idea my kids were so brave! All 4 of us even went on the Log Flume together and the kids just breathed in deep during the steep plummet and then laughed when a small splash got us wet at the end.

Nanny met us at lunch time and took the kids on their second train ride while Joe and I grabbed a ride on the White Roller-Coaster. Joe and the kids took Nanny on the Skyride and then we all hit the huge ferris wheel where our squirmy Cares nearly gave us all heart attacks as she climbed around oblivious to our height--where are seat-belts when you need them?! Later in the afternoon, Nanny took our worn out babies home while Joe and I braved the lines for Wicked, Spider and Rattlesnake Rapids (where we got totally drenched :) We ran out of time for the classic haunted houses and the other, newer ride Rocket. We'll have to hit those next time...

Cares' favorite: the train rides where she called every animal "baby" and squealed with delight to see them. Bentley's favorite: the Ladybug Bop which we sneakily sent him on twice in a row (once with Joe and then once with me). My favorite: rocking the skee-ball game and winning Cares a soft, white "Be" (bear). Joseph's favorite: falling straight toward the ground at an incredible rate on the ride Wicked (see link above for accurate picture...) Nanny's favorite: watching Bentley pull all of his best faces for photo ops :)

I have tons of great pics from our fun day. I think I'll have to post a slideshow or at least another entry so I can include them all.

**Joseph and I bought a set of Photoshop Actions which Rebecca Mudrick suggested for editing photos. We played around with them on all the pics posted in this entry. They can really make colors pop and details stand out. I am turning into more of a trade school sucker than I ever imagined ;)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Little Stars

Thank you to the amazing Rebecca Mudrick for these incredible portraits of my most prized possessions! See more of her work at captures children with such artistry.

I love these children like I have never loved anything before. I am amazed that my Heavenly Father allowed them to grace my home and my life. I am undeserving of their innocence, tender love, and true happiness. They make ordinary moments feel like miracles. When I am 40, 50, 60, I want to look back at these photos and vividly remember all the wild running, huge hugs, playful conversations, high-pitched screams and sweet, cuddly bodies that made up my 3-year-old Bentley and 1-year-old Caroline. Love the photos, love the kids.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Summer's Beginning to Give Up Her Fight

Last week, I got Pottery Barn's fall catalog in the mail. Last night, the air felt amazingly cool. Today, Cec and I shopped for Halloween decorations at The Basket Loft. Fall is coming.

We spent our Labor Day weekend up at the LeBaron's Sundance cabin as well as my parents' cabin in Weber Canyon. It was glorious and fresh up in the mountains and we spotted several rainbows on Sunday evening. It's too bad that my camera didn't quite catch their vivid color saturation--they were so beautiful!

Changing leaves up Provo CanyonRiding the huge black bear with Grandma BobbiPark City on Labor Day--one popular spot. Notice the hints of orange and red on the hillside!

Thanks to the Indigo Girls for the title of my blog today (from "Mystery" on the album Swamp Ophelia--one classic song on one of my favorite albums)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Yesterday, Bentley had his very first day of preschool! Naturally, he wore a sweet outfit he chose for himself (just seems easier to avoid morning meltdowns rather than dress him myself :) He also insisted on bringing some Diego stickers to share with everyone (as seen in the pictures). He seemed just a little nervous, especially when we arrived at a house we had never been to before. But once he saw all his little friends (the same kids he goes to nursery with) he was just fine. Next week we will have all the kids here. Any suggestions on how I entertain Cares while teaching/playing with the big kids?