Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin "Cutie" Pies

Perfect FHE activity for October--carving pumpkins. It was Caroline's first year to really participate and she was way into it (even if she was kind of disgusted by it too :)

I love these little aprons from Williams Sonoma (they were having an end of season sale and I got them for a steal) And don't mind Cares--she is obsessed with toothbrushes lately...

Before Bentley's preschool party yesterday morning--once Beans was in his costume Cares just begged to get into hers too. More costume pics after tonight!

Monday, October 29, 2007

LeBarie Scaries

We had our fabulous LeBaron Halloween party Saturday night. Jessica and Krista's blogs capture it perfectly so check them out here and here. Thanks Nanny and Grandpa for the yummy dinner and all the prizes!

Here's the seriously scary thing that happened that day and it had nothing to do with our party. As I drove home from St George on Saturday afternoon I pulled a totally dumb mommy-move and reached back to help Bentley adjust his pillow. Next thing I knew, we veered off the highway, hit a metal mile marker, spun back onto the road and across both lanes of traffic before sliding off the left side again and stopping in the grassy section between the north and south bound traffic. I honestly couldn't believe it had just happened and that 1) we were all totally fine (Cares was still sound asleep in her carseat) and 2) no other cars were involved. It's still kind of a big blur in my memory (luckily right?). Cecily was caravaning home with us and witnessed it all in horror. She was certain we were going to be severely injured or worse from what she saw happening in front of her. I'm still amazed that we weren't hurt--we were really blessed. Once we stopped and assessed the damage (2 flat tires on the right side of the car and a banged in bumper where we hit the mile-marker), Cec gathered us up into her car with the help of 3 other gracious people who stopped to help and check on us. From there we had a serious detour in Nephi talking to the sheriff and the wrecker/towing service before heading home and meeting Joseph just off of I-15 and Bangerter. Cec--can I ever thank you enough for being there and rescuing us?

We went home, grabbed our costumes for the party that night, threw together some cookie dough for ladyfingers, and rushed back out to Nanny's house. Just before we got there, I realized I had left all of the kids' costume gear and PJs neatly packed by the back door. Perfect. I almost lost it for about the 5th time that day but decided to just breathe and let it go. The party was a great distraction from all the stress and trauma of the day and the kids had loads of fun (especially Caroline the cowgirl in Gracie's adorable outfit!)

All those who braved costumes (the picture doesn't do Johnny's or Maggie's any justice. Mag was a 1980s Flori--so funny!) Caroline the major ham :) Crazy Beans wearing a fish pond prize Cares kissing Tillie Ladyfingers Halloween style (thanks to Joseph, Tommy and Jim for crafting such masterpieces) Can you spot the classic LeBaron pinkie toe and a replica of Joseph's big toe?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica

Yay for Jess and her special day! She is such a selfless, loving, fun girl--so much so that she allowed us all to celebrate our "LeBarie Scaries" night ON her birthday (more on that later...) and top it off with a little singing and some candles and cake right at the end of the night.

I love Jessica because she is a lot like me...:)!! Seriously, we have very similar hubbies and seem to deal with them in similar ways (for good and bad). Plus, we both rocked in our high school dance companies back in the day and performing in spandex so many times has produced quite a kinship between us.

Jess is just so helpful and willing to do whatever she can to make things easier for others. She jumps right in and always helps with Sunday dinner, finds any crying or distressed niece or nephew and comforts them quickly, and bakes amazing treats and goodies that she doesn't even like to eat so that we can all enjoy them. I love that she let Bentley sleep in the same room with her on our Sun Valley trip, babysat my kids for me while we were in Lake Powell this summer (in expert form I might add), and shows up for kid-friendly events just to play with all of us and our crazy children even though she doesn't have any of her own kids yet (not for long though....) She is going to be such an fabulous mommy. If she shows even half of the love and patience and tenderness to her new baby that she has shown to mine, he will be totally spoiled!

Thanks for being such a great friend and sister-in-law and auntie to Cares and Beans. We all love you and hope you had a wonderful day (and thanks for not having a costume with me tonight--maybe all those dance concerts burned us out on dressing up ages ago...:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making Shapes

I'm so glad all those years of grad school are really paying off. Seriously though--these guys make my day every day :) Next week's lesson: axial vs. locomotor movement. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To the Village Again

We love it at Gardner Village. And this marks our third visit this month. Anyone want to go again--why not right?!

Bentley and his new friend McKay (who likes him much better when he isn't in girl dress-ups--see here for backstory :) Petting zoo fun--this is as close as Cares would come to any animal even though she was totally enamored with them

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Maggie

"This is a blog for Maggie Jean with blue eyes..."

Happy Birthday! I feel like I have known Maggie forever since we were in YM together before I even met Joseph. Mag was the first one in her family to really tell me all about her big brother Joe. We were at a tennis lesson in the summer and she was so excited that the family got to go pick him up at the airport in just a few days (or maybe it was the very next day...) It was a classic Maggie moment. She was so happy and eager and ready to share her excitement--these are all things that easily describe her true nature.

I love how accepting and kind and unassuming Maggie is. She can make others feel so welcome and at ease in her presence. She also seems very willing to try new and even scary or hard things (serving a mission in Germany, running marathons, having a baby in the middle of grad school, and drinking sick concoctions under Joseph's orders :)

Just yesterday, the choir sang "Faith in Every Footstep" during stake conference. That hymn always reminds me of Maggie since we sang it forever ago as the 2 altos in a small YW group in sacrament meeting (do you remember that Mag?) I totally had to listen for her voice and confidence so that I could sing our parts correctly. And our rehearsals were a fun time to get to know her a little better (even though I never expected her to be my sister in law!) Since then it seems like we've had so many great memories: seeing her off at the MTC, hanging out in Phoenix after Lake Powell and her return from Germany, finding her at BYU games to share hot dogs and popcorn, playing down in SG whenever we are down there and so on. Thanks for being such a positive influence and happy presence in my life Maggie--much love to you on your b-day!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catalog Cravings

After Bentley's nap this afternoon we browsed through 2 catalogs I had been saving: the Pottery Barn holiday issue and the glossy, October Nordstrom. Wow--how is it nearly time for Christmas? Secretly, I am totally excited. OK--maybe not so secretly :) Here's just a taste of what I loved:

Don't be surprised if you see any or all of these items decorating my home come December (or even the end of November...) Oh, and a girl can always wish for a new pair of darling shoes from Santa right? Even this girl who has way too many already but craves them like crazy :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scarecrow Festival

Fall FHE at Thanksgiving Point's Scarecrow Festival last night=cute kids and good times:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gotta Have You

I decided to copy Heidi's "love story" questions. If I lose you half way through I'll understand--I can be a rambler :) Oh, listen to The Weepies' song Gotta Have You or any song from James Blunt's new album All The Lost Souls as you read :)

Where did you meet your husband?
We met in August of '98 when he came home teaching with his Dad. His family and my family had moved into the same ward about 2 years earlier and his dad had brought most of his boys home teaching at one point or another. I was home from my first year at BYU and Joseph had been home from his mission for about 3 seconds (OK--3 days, but he was pretty fresh).

What is the first thing you said to your husband?
Probably something along the lines of "oh you served your mission in Brazil? I am writing to a missionary serving there." Seems kind of dumb looking back on it since I thought he was so cute--way to send the wrong signal right? It was good though since he had a girl waiting for him that he had just seen/kissed again the day before. Our meeting ended up having great timing: I headed out of the country just after it while Joseph headed back to school where his relationship didn't work out. I returned home and ran into him right when he and I were both ready to move on and find someone new :)

Where was your first date?
At temple square on a Sunday evening to see the Christmas lights. It was kind of an odd date because Joseph's best mission buddy (Brian Nuckols) was in town and staying with him for a few days and he came along with us. Then we met the whole LeBaron clan downtown for a bit. And then we picked up one of Joe's good friends from BYU at the airport and dropped her off at her Grandma and Grandpa's house over in Holladay. We ended up hanging out with the Swiss g-ma and g-pa for over an hour and laughing at the way they bickered and snapped at each other. We ended the night at my house where Joseph and "Nuckols" looked at ALL of my pictures from study abroad. Now that's the way into this woman's heart!

Where was your first kiss?
At my parent's cabin in Weber Canyon in January '99. We stayed up later than everyone else watching "Funny Farm" and snuck in an old fashioned make-out.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?

We got married after dating each other for about 10 months. I feel like our courtship was kind of long (compared to typical BYU standards :) I guess I say that because we took our time getting to know one another and allowed our relationship to excel at a pretty reasonable pace. We dated a lot for about 4 months but we were both dating other people during that time. Once we decided to just date each other however, that was it and we were engaged about 8 weeks later (thanks to a 3 week delay inspired by my Dad...but that is an entirely different story--but a good one!)

Where did you get engaged?
On the beach in Newport, CA. I had been out there all week with my family and Joseph joined us for the weekend before we headed home. I knew he was going to propose since I had dropped the hint about how romantic beaches were about a hundred times. I still loved the anticipation I felt and hearing all the wonderful things he had to say about me and our love for each other.

Where did you get married?

Salt Lake Temple, October 1, 1999
How did your reception go?
It was perfect and exactly how I had planned it since I was about 16! We actually had it the night before our wedding in my parents' backyard. The night was gorgeous and just a little bit crisp, the ambiance so beautiful and the food amazing thanks to Ruth Ann who planned it all out for us. Joseph and his accapella group sang a few songs and then we had a band play a list of faves Joe and I had chosen out. I loved the fact that we could dance and visit and hang out all night and not feel the need to rush off for the wedding night "festivities" or feel totally exhausted after a whole day of activities. It also made our actual wedding day so calm and focused.

How was the honeymoon?
So fun--but too short! We headed to San Diego for 5 days and loved our first real vacation together but I wish it could've been twice as long! We had to get back though since we were in the middle of school and had already missed our share of classes, study groups, work hours, rehearsals, performances, etc...Hopefully, for our 10th anniversary we will do something really exotic and relaxing like heading to Tahiti or Bali for a good, long vaca :)

How has married life been?
I am a romantic at heart and can easily picture and describe things in their idealistic forms rather than their realistic ones. But, honestly, my marriage is something that is truly great in my life in very real ways. Joseph and I have learned (and are learning...) how to communicate, listen, and most importantly, love each other. It's been an incredible journey thus far. I think becoming parents was the most powerful experience we've been through together and it has created so much more love in our home as well as many more common goals and concerns between the two of us. Even though our children bring a lot of chaos, stress, sleepless nights and drama into our relationship, they have forged us like nothing else could. And for me, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing my husband laugh and play with our kids, sing to them and comfort them when they are crying, or bear his testimony of the Gospel to them (as simple as it has to be right now for a 3 year old to understand). Life is good :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Jim

Happy Birthday Jim! I know I am a day early but tomorrow I will be gone all morning and I don't want to forget to post.

Jim cracks me up. His puns and funny comments are usually subtle and easily inserted into conversations but they always get me. Just last week at Sunday dinner he had us all laughing with his quick wit. It's fun :) Seriously, how did these LeBarons all become so funny?!

I love how easy going Jim is and how he goes with the flow and never turns things into big issues (do I see this in him because I am so much the opposite? hmmm...) He is a silly Dad, a relentless teaser, always willing to try something new but also do the same old thing (like beat us all by a huge margin at the game of "Hearts"---as always).

I honestly think Jim is one of the most humble people I know even though he is such a smart, witty, and capable guy. He shows incredible patience and is also very self-less and giving. I think his testimony of the Gospel shows great depth and sincerity and has buoyed mine many times.

A few summers ago, Jim told me about this new TV show that he knew I would love. I kept forgetting about it so he ended up calling me at least 3 or 4 times throughout the summer and leaving messages reminding me to tune in that evening. I only caught a few episodes (sadly, it was during those harsh days before DVR...) but Jim was completely right. The show was none other than So You Think You Can Dance and of course it is now one of my faves. It's cool that he knew me well enough to get me watching--thanks Jim!

Hope you have a fun day--don't feel bad that you have to share it with your adorable little Tiago: ) Happy Birthday to both of you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Preschool Fieldtrip

All the moms in our preschool group opted for a fieldtrip this week with the kiddies (and all their siblings since our neighborhood is off track right now). We met at Gardner Village to see the silly witch displays, feed the ducks in the pond, and let the children run around together on a glorious fall day. When we approached the candy store the wind picked up a bit and blew leaves all over us. Bentley loved it and exclaimed "Mom, it's fall here!" It was beautiful there and decked out to the max for the fall season--so fun!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Cabin Weekend

Even though we drove up in and out of a blizzard, it was freezing when we first got there, Bentley had serious poop issues for several hours, and the kids were super restless during the night, we LOVE the cabin!! Warming up by the fire, watching the still forest fill with snow, eating yummy meals, roasting marshmallows with Bentley, bouncing Caroline on the rodeo horse and watching the kids snuggle and play with Grandma and Grandpa--these are the reasons why it is worth all the effort :)