Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silly Silly Show

This is completely random information, but Joseph and I just saw an ad for the new season of Scrubs. And it totally made us laugh. It makes me one happy girl to just think about new episodes of that show. I am a big fan (meaning that I am a glutton for cheesy humor :)

Watch this if you are too:

Oh--and on January 5th the new Bachelor season airs with Jason, the single dad.
And then there's Lost which airs on January 21st.

OK. I am a TV nerd...

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Tomorrow, November ends. And so will my thankful list.

But today, I will add this:

I am thankful for
...good food
...dear friends
...fresh, snowy mornings
...warm, sunny beaches
...delicious newborn babies
...silly toddlers memories
...coming home
...feeling full of love Savior
...the blessing of His glorious Gospel

And now I am eager to celebrate His birth.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am thankful for my siblings.

Each time I am pregnant and feeling so very, well, pregnant, I remind myself how lucky I am to have brothers and sisters. They are and were a huge blessing in my life. And I know I want that for my own children too.

I had a big sis who taught me the love of grab-bags, trendy hand-me-downs, and how cool BYU dorm life was, a big brother who showed me how to roller-blade, win endless Nintendo games, and how cool Smashing Pumpkins was, a little sis who kept my love of Barbies and American Girl dolls alive, taught me all about MMC and JTT, and constantly showed me how much she loved me with sweet little notes and cards at random times, and a little brother who taught me how to care for babies when he was a newborn, entertained all my dates when I was a teenager, and always made me laugh over the silly things he and JJay came up with (aka playing midgets with their legs tucked into their sweatpants).

It's been a long time since we all lived together back on 2200 East and we have grown and changed a lot. There have been good times and bad times and distant and even very distant times since then. But there have also been a lot of laughs and new memories made. I am excited that we all get to gather together this weekend and enjoy each other for a few days.

I love each of them immensely.

Thank you Mom--for having all of us. I know it wasn't easy :)

my sisters

my brothers

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ladies Night

Yes, I saw Twilight last night. I don't even consider myself a huge fan--just someone who read all the books and wanted to see the movie version. But then I ended up at the movie on opening weekend, in a sold out theater, with about 101 teenage girls. So I had to arm myself with lots of female support just in case it was a totally worthless experience--so we could laugh about it and feel silly all together.

(L to R: sisters Annalisa and Krista (Krista is my sister-in-law), Catherine (my older sister's sister-in-law), Mary (SIL), me, Heid (my little sis) and Bobbi (my mom)--did you follow all of that? ;)

Becky and Jessica (another SIL and her mom)

Well, it turns out that I have become a Twilight movie fan. First of all, I loved going with so many great women (my sister, sisters-in-law, mom, etc.) And I loved all the teenagers' screams and squeals throughout the movie--they totally made me laugh and reminded me so much of myself at that age. I loved the chemistry between Edward and Bella and I loved their intense moments of passion and longing. I loved the fight scene in the ballet studio and I loved the final moments of the movie between Edward and Bella. I could have done without the cheesy special effects and awkward "vampire" moments (i.e tree hopping, perching on rocks instead of just sitting, glittering in the sun, speeding over to open Bella's door, and the overall lameness of Rosalie--not a good actress at all...)

Anyway, I had a fabulous night out and would totally see the movie again. It totally reminded me of my teenage years and all the angst, drama and desire that I seemed to feel all the time (especially when it came to my teenage boyfriend--sooooo much emotion!!) Like my mom said after the movie last night, "oh be to be that young and feel that much passion again." Pretty much sums up the love story we saw last night...

Friday, November 21, 2008


I am thankful for my children's grandparents.

They are playful and fun and so very excited and willing to see Cares and Beans anytime we come over. Plus, they help me out with babysitting so often. Just this week my mom took Beans and Cares for me when my weekly babysitter had a sudden conflict, and tonight, Ruth Ann is having them for a sleepover. I am so lucky. Not only are my parents and in-laws amazing people in my life and stellar examples of good marriages and true service and faith, but they are these 2 extra sets of "older parents" who truly love and adore my children the same way Joseph and I do (with the extra patience, attention and spoiling techniques that only grandparents have. ) I couldn't surround my children with anyone better and I love that we live so close and can visit and play often. I love all 4 of you!

My parents when they only had 5 grandchildren.

Ruth Ann and Cares at the zoo last spring

Bentley and his twin, Grandpa Neil, on Bentley's birthday last year

My mom and my kids at Lake Powell this past summer

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's been a slow blogging week for me. I think it's because we're in the short lull which falls between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Come next Thursday, we will be caught up in a flurry of activities and feasts, lasting for weeks into the new year--wahoo!! I can't wait--I love the holidays and family gatherings.

Lately we have been in and out and here and there but mostly making a lot of time for Cares to use the toilet. I am actually impressed that I know where so many public restrooms are--I guess after potty training Bentley that random info has stuck in my brain quite well (I wish other things would stick in my brain that well :) For example, up at the Park City outlets on Monday I knew right where to find the restrooms among all those stores. Caroline actually does really well when we are out and about and I am a vigilant mama dreading an accident among strangers. It's when we are home or hanging out at my mom's or sister's that I just let her run off and play and forget to attach my eagle eyes. And that's when we've faced a lot of undies to clean up. But so far the progress has been pretty good so I am encouraged and determined--the only things that could keep me in this whirlwind.

On a completely unrelated note, I taught my dance classes yesterday and it was Grandparent's Day so we had a lot of darling visitors come to watch their beautiful grandchildren move. Can I just say that I love watching those kids through their loving grandparents' eyes? (and parents' eyes too for that matter) They are filled with so much pride and love for them already but then those girls (and my one boy student) start moving and gliding through the space with no hesitation whatsoever and it is truly lovely to behold. I know I take it for granted since I see it every week but there is something magical and pure about it. I love it. I love my tiny little weekly job and that I get to teach through such a traditional and respected program that is Tanner Dance (after the famous and inspired Miss Virginia.)

I am thankful for my body.

And that I can move and dance with my students and grow a new little life inside me at the same time. I am in awe of it all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am thankful for weekends.

Saturday: Unlimited "daddy-time," watching the BYU football game, cleaning an empty house while the kids were riding bikes outside (with mittens and hats on :) Joseph keeping an eye on them as he hung up our Christmas lights, going out to dinner (early--because by 6 pm it simply gets too busy), working on Bentley's VIP poster for preschool on Monday, and hanging out with Joseph's little brother Bob who helped with the lights and entertaining the kids.

Sunday: church in the morning, naps in the afternoon, and Sunday dinner with family. Plain and simple and wonderful. I love Sundays.

Oh, and Cares has been working on potty time since Thursday. And Thursday felt like a total bust--no fun at all and little success. But then Friday was better, and Saturday was even better, and today she went all by herself during nursery and didn't have any accidents. We'll see what happens...

A few pics from Bentley's VIP poster:

My newborn baby boy

At 16 months old

Christmas 2006

cousin pile-up this summer

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am incredibly thankful for my sweet, crazy, funny, tender, cuddly, bright, and energetic children (including my tiny one who is kicking away inside me as I type :)

I love this girl's legs and adorable toddler body

and her expressive, long tongue

and her girliness and sweetness

I love this boy's spunk and creativity

his insatiable energy and happy moods

and that I can still get him to nap with me once or twice a week

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Day

Yesterday was one of those days where I was going and going and working and working (much like the Energizer bunny...) which I haven't done enough of in the past few months. It felt so good to get so much done but by the end of the night, I was totally wiped out (my pregnant body definitely added to my frazzled state). The thing about this job of "mom" and "general manager" of our home and family is that there isn't always a lot to show for all my work at the end of the day. The sink may be free of dishes or the toys all picked up but those tasks certainly don't take up an entire day.

Well, my sister told me about a busy mom she knows who writes down all the things she does in a day just to remind herself that she is actually accomplishing a lot even though there aren't always tangible or visual results of her efforts. I copied this idea yesterday and I felt so very fulfilled at the end of the day (even if I did induce the mother of all lower back pains and feel a migraine coming on around 10:00 was worth it :)

My day, Monday, November 10th:

--dropped Bentley off at preschool
--came home and washed all the dishes in the sink, started the dishwasher
--put Cares' laundry away
--pulled out all the remaining summer dresses from her closet and stored them away
--did Caroline's hair
--showered and got ready for the day
--went to the grocery store
--picked up Bentley from school
--came home and made lunch: read Domino while I ate and felt very inspired to clean out my linen closet and get it all organized and lovely
--rid my fridge of all its old food
--pulled out 2 fridge shelves (1 at a time) and cleaned them in the kitchen sink
--1/2 way organized the laundry room--it still needs some help
--started Bentley's laundry
--laid Cares down for a nap (and caught a 20 minute snooze myself)
--played army guys on Mega Blocks forts with Bentley while Cares slept
--finally gave-in and pulled out ALL my maternity clothes and put most of them away in my closet and drawers
--cleared out and organized the entire hallway linen closet (boy do I have a lot of sheets and pillows and old beach towels to donate to the DI!)
--met Joseph for dinner
--ran to Wal-Mart for a few closet organizing tools and Christmas gifts while Joseph took the kids home and got them dressed for bed
--came home and had a short little FHE about being thankful (we are really trying to teach the kids to say more than just 1 thing they are thankful for in their prayers--lately it's been "we're thankful for this day" and that's it.)
--read to Bentley and got him to bed (while Joseph helped Caroline)
--folded Bentley's laundry while watching Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race.
--finished the linen closet
--took some Tylenol and went to bed

one of the great ideas from Domino--tying sheet sets together with a ribbon

Today, and every day, I am thankful for my home.

Even though it requires a lot of work (and it's not even lawn and garden season anymore), I love the fact that Joseph and I have our very own place. We are so, so blessed to have such a comfortable home in a neighborhood filled with wonderful people.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I am so very grateful for a good husband. And the father he is to our children.

He's the kind who will help me at 2:00 am by carrying our very upset and throw-up covered daughter into the bathroom, taking off her messy PJs and rinsing them out in the sink (along with her very yucky blankie), washing her face, brushing her teeth, changing her into clean clothes, and all the while talking to her in the sweetest and most tender voice to help her feel reassured in her sad little state. And then, by laying in bed with her for an hour and half in the middle of the night and helping her during 2 more sick bouts. She finally fell asleep for good like a koala wrapped around his chest at 3:25 am.

I love that man.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mom's Best Friend

Today, I am grateful for Mega Blocks.

They just allowed me 30 minutes (and counting....) of uninterrupted computer time to check my surprisingly full inbox today--made me feel so popular :) And the kids are still playing peacefully together. Ahhh, the simple pleasures of motherhood.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I Can Do

During the past few days I have felt overwhelmed by the weight of the world, mostly because of the impending election and the endless talk about serious issues that face our country. I want to be an informed citizen, an educated person and aware of all that we face--but even more so, I want to know how we can resolve things, how we can put broken pieces back together--even if it takes a brand new arrangement--and how I can make sure I am doing my part. Last night, I realized that all of it is just so much bigger than me (genius realization I know...) and once I vote, then my tiny role in it all is over--it is out of my hands and into a civic leader's--whether I voted them in with the majority or not.

No, I cannot fix our nation's economic crisis, nor can I heal international relationships, ensure soldier safety in wars overseas, and secure my husband's job as a member of a small business. And these are things that I honestly worry and think about.

So, what do I have control over? Me. And my attitude and my actions. My daily job is to care for my children, and in that role, I do face important tasks. I am the one responsible for teaching them to be good, to be fair, to love, to be kind, to work hard, to strive for achievement, to value education, to stand up for what is right and to know and love their God with all their hearts. I believe in these things fervently and have found renewed vigor in sharing them with my family--knowing that they serve a purpose, that they will change lives and they will make this country a better place--even if it's only because there are 2 more LeBarons in America who are willing to work and learn and contribute while knowing and living the Gospel.

I realize that this is a tall order. It will be hard and involve a lot of patience and courage--especially as my kids grow older and want to push all their boundaries--I will really need courage then. But I am not afraid of my ultimate goal. I am a mother and there is serious power in that common, everyday role. But it is my role and I believe that my Father in Heaven has prepared me all my life to raise these children. He has actually given me a tremendous gift in letting me know them and love them too. Their tender spirits have affected mine for good a thousand times over in the past 4 1/2 years. So, today, and every day, I will remind myself that in my own and very small way I am helping our great country by being the best mom I can be.

On another note, November is a month for gratitude so I want to include things I am grateful for with each post. On Monday night we all sat on the couch together for Family Home Evening and sang I am A Child of God. It was such a simple moment but it humbled me and filled my heart with joy. The 3 who make up my little family (Joseph, Cares and Beans) are amazing people in my life and I know they are God's children. And I thank Him for letting each of them be mine too.

I am grateful for primary songs.

Seriously, I love them all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Silly Tag

This is Joseph. In a surprise coup I've taken over the blog! My brother-in-law Ben Allen tagged me for this post. If your name is at the bottom of this entry, beware. You are tagged and must fill out the answers to the following pressing questions and display them on your wife's blog -- or your own blog if you swing that way.

Joseph's Joys
1. Eating out
2. Eating in. I really just love eating. Something about it...
3. Making Carrie laugh so hard she either pees or cries
4. Bedtime hugs from my rascal kids
5. Making babies. Wink.

Joseph's Fears
1. Losing control over important bodily functions
2. Becoming a dancer
3. Polar bears
4. Socks with sandals
5. Carrie's Target or TJ receipts

5 Surprising Facts about Joseph
1. My feet are intensely ticklish
2. I hate listening to a cappella music... I only like singing it
3. I've had 18 pets (not counting fish) with no plans for more
4. I don't like to brag, but I am a-mazing in the sack. I mean in a potato sack race. Wait, what were you thinking?
5. I am sometimes inappropriate

Joseph tags:
1. John and Krista LeBaron
2. Mike and Lydia Metcalf
3. Chris and Beth Anne Service
4. Rob and Flori Christensen
5. Tye and Stacey Smith

The good news is, if you respond to this tag, you are instantly awesome. The bad news is, Carrie just peed her pants.