Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Weekend

So we did end up at the Gateway on Friday night and I was totally surprised at how busy it was. Once we parked and headed up to the shops we discovered that there was an annual sidewalk chalk festival being held on the main street. It was actually really cool and fun to see the artists working and their artwork coming to life on the cement. At the south end of the mall there was a children's area for kids to create their own pictures. Bentley wandered around coloring in everyone else's pictures and then Joe drew a truck and sun for him.

On Saturday we found our way to the Fort Herriman Days car show and Bentley was in heaven! It was about 100 degrees outside so we didn't last long but it was fun to see my darling boy so amused and so excited about each car we looked at (except for the pimped up monster truck which scared him so much that he wouldn't even go near it!) We missed Ethan and Will while checking out all the vintage and specialty cars.

On Sunday we gave Joseph the only thing he hadn't worn yet from his father's day shopping at Old Navy last week--a new swimsuit. Bentley tried it on to see if it "looked good." Notice Bentley's and Joseph's hair--they both got cuts Saturday afternoon and now Bentley looks like our little enlisted Marine :) We had dinner at my mom's house and stopped by the LeBarons to pay Grandpa Neil a visit on Father's Day too. We got home way later than we planned to so today we did absolutely nothing and my kids and I had great naps. Tomorrow we will face the world again :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Eth and Willy would have loved the car show! We may have to hit the County Fair again this year with you guys!
Love Bean's haircut!

Heidi said...

Yay now Bean looks like my hubby- buzzes are sweet!

Fun weekend!

Krista said...

looks like a fun weekend. We didn't do anything on Monday either. Monday is a recoup kind of day for us from the weekend. Thanks again for having us over the other day. We'll have to have you guys over soon too.

Carrie said...

Oh duh--I didn't even include our BBQ in my list of events--boo. I guess if I don't take a picture then I forget! Thanks for coming out--it's always fun to have you guys over :)

Bobbi said...

What fun pictures! It's wonderful that you are enjoying so many activities with your kids, even in the heat. Bean's hair is so cute. And we loved his parting advice to us to "be brave" about his leaving, and that we could come to watch the car drive away!