Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8 Months

Growing like a weed this boy! He just seems to be getting longer and longer and stretching out some of his delicious fat rolls...so sad for me. Yes, he is still plenty beefy but he slips out of the Bumbo more easily lately—a sign that his thighs are slimming down. And he hardly fits in the Bumbo anyway since his legs dangle way down and kick against the table as I feed him. 
Luke is officially on the go and moving everywhere. He still hasn't figured out how to go from sitting to crawling but when he tumbles over he is eager to get moving on his belly. He has sprouted 5 teeth and has 1 more cutting very close. He jabbers and talks and sings all the time. When he is feeling frustrated he truly jabbers "mom mom mom" and it gets me every time. I know it's just an easy sound for babes to make but how cute that it sounds like he's calling for his mommy, right?

Another new trick: Luke has learned where the door is in his room. Whenever he wakes from a nap he now turns himself perpendicular in his crib, pulls down on the bumper pad and peers up over the edge of the bed so he is staring right at me when I come to get him. It is pretty adorable—especially because he gets so excited with great big grins and squirming wiggles of joy.

Needless to say Luke is the darling of our family, always the favorite amusement for the bigger kids, and still our soft, sweet, baby boy. We cannot get enough of him and love him immensely!


Bobbi said...

Look at him go--and grow! Carrie, how did he leave being a baby so quickly? He is one of the sweetest babies ever, love his happy smile and personality.

Heidi said...

he is so cute and funny, our family is very excited to see this little guy.

and Livs, suddenly so grown up