Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July July July

 Twinning at Lehi Pool

Exploring Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum with the Allens
 Fabulous summer downpour. All the kids threw swimsuits on and played in the glorious rain!

 Nanny and Grandpa Neil came home from their mission in Texas!!

 My sweaty boys after a long training run (before their half-marathon)

 Nordstrom anniversary sale! Happiest shopping day of the year :)

 Sleepover with Max - the kids made a gas station run with him in the morning 
(such a funny adventure!)

 Working on doing more haircuts on my boys. They're coming along. We forgot to put the cover on for Bean's haircut so he ended up with this hilarious "hairy back" when I first started out :)

 7 Peaks day! It ended up being our only outing there the whole summer :|

 Minions movie with Horsley cousins

Twinner bike date up Butterfield Canyon

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